Wendy Grace
Gym owner and personal trainer
Wendy Grace has been a personal trainer for over 17 years. She was first introduced to the fitness industry while majoring in dance at Santa Monica College. She had a late start as a dancer due to parents not having funds but this did not stop her from pursuing her dream of wearing ballet shoes. During college Wendy took several classes in ballet, jazz and modern. She also joined two dance clubs one called “Viva Brasil” who performed African Brazilian dance styles and “Folklorico”. The clubs would perform for local elementary school children. In order to support herself through college she was offered a job in San Diego to become a personal trainer. At that time, female trainers were not prominent and much needed. Wendy had to take a crash course through a NASM certification in order to be able to work for the company. She had the privilege of meeting two trainers one a physical therapist and the other a college level trained sprinter. They took her under their wings and showed her the ropes on how to properly train and diagnose potential clients. Wendy soon realized this was a great career and has not looked back ever since. She continued her dance major and worked full-time as a personal trainer. Since then she has taken several certification classes as well as “APEX”, a nutrition certification. Her passion for helping people has allowed her to become experienced with all types of age groups starting from nine years old and up to ninety-two year olds. Wendy has helped many with post physical therapy, pregnant women, professional dancers and athletes; along with people with physical ailments. In order to continue her passion with dance she later got a Zumba certification which focuses on latin dances and is a international phenomenon among the fitness world. She currently teaches a fitness class at The Woman’s Club of South Pasadena; where she is a member of. Wendy also uses Zumba in order to help raise funds for cancer with “Relay For Life” in South Pasadena. In 2012 Wendy and her husband, Chris Grace opened their first fitness studio, Mission Fitness Center, in the city of San Marino just bordering South Pasadena.
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