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Hi there! My name is Tanya and I am an eccentric. My days of teenage anguish have molded me into someone I won’t get bored of and I doubt you won’t either. I will forever be in a rebellion with the two sides of my mind and that is why I am dubbed the walking contradiction. My world is defined as an outer silence and inner pandemonium and I feel as though my every living moment is a walk through a dreamland where everything is covered in cellophane.
Anyway enough of that! I am going to share my miniscule world with you and I hope to make a few friends along the way. We  have already started this journey on a peak and maybe something small in my life can inspire greatness in yours. And please, at all costs, do not tell anyone that I’m naked under my clothes!!!   Things to know about me… Radiohead is the greatest band on the planet. I have a permanent smile pasted on my face. My world is mine and mine alone. I try not to let another’s judgments affect my actions.   Mean people need to get their act together! I’m alternative (whatever that means) Do not mistake me for a pessimist, although I can be at times. Wine is the drink of Gods. Filmmaking is a personal passion   Signed, Hopeful Romantic Nihilist 
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