2012 Olympics: How to Find Schedules, Medal Winners and Video Replays

All you need to know to find out the latest Olympic results, upcoming schedules, video replays, photos and medal winners.

Confused about how to check what sport is airing when? Or who won what? Follow the guide below.


NBC provides a schedule that allows you to see what events are going on at exactly what time so you can plan the rest of your next three weeks around the Olympics. With 32 sports, you can track your favorites and ensure you’re comfortably settled on your couch before the competition kicks off.


The 530 American Olympians have been training non-stop for the past four years, and some, their entire lives. Which ones set Olympic records ()? Which ones blew away world records? Check out NBC’s results page to see how your local Olympians did in comparison to the other world-class athletes competing in the Games.

Medal Winners

With 530 Americans representing our country, there are 530 solid opportunities to medal. So how many have we accumulated? Which country is closest behind us? Stay up to date on the winning athletes throughout the next three weeks.

Team USA Roster

The Olympic games are a time when Americans of many backgrounds, religions and political affiliations put aside differences and unite to support our US Olympians competing in London. Find out who they are and discover their inspiring stories.


Missed a specific event or your favorite athlete? Don’t stress, you can watch free videos on NBC’s Olympic website of your favorite sport, over and over and over again. Get more face-time with your Olympians as NBC shares exclusive interviews with athletes about training, their personal lives and their dreams of gold.


The summer Olympic games come once every four years and each one is chock full of memorable picture-perfect moments. Check out NBC’s photo gallery for those captured emotions during athletes’ victories and triumphs.


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