Solar Panel Construction Underway at CVHS

Benefits of solar panels include cost saving measures and green living opportunities.

With summer here and classes out, it might be assumed that schools are more quiet than usual. However, that’s not the case at .

During the summer break, CVHS is one of seven schools in the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) that will receive solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. 

, , and  will also undergo construction for solar power generation, including .

“The projects are a visible step into 21st Century solutions, providing a clean energy alternative to several of our schools where projects proved most cost-effective, saving millions of dollars in the long term, and even providing welcome shade at several sites that may otherwise have none,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Richard M. Sheehan in a prepared statement.

With the solar electricity production, GUSD looks to the panels to help reduce utility bills.

In the first year, the General Fund energy savings are estimated to be $543,000. 

Over the next 30 years, the program is predicted to save $18 million worth of power in current rates with $10 million in after-construction savings. Conversion incentives from the California Solar Initiative will help offset fees from Southern California Edison.

“This is a fiscally and environmentally responsible way to leverage bond dollars for long-term General Fund savings,” said Board of Education member and California 43rd Assembly District candidate Greg Krikorian in a prepared statement.

The project developed more than a year ago. The total project contract is $7.2 million and the funds for the project will be paid with Measure S bond funds. The construction of the solar panels will be completed in August, just before the start of classes.

The panels in the parking lots, located in the south lot next to the high school’s track as well as in the main parking lot on Community Avenue and Ramsdell Avenue, will provide shade for vehicles.

“The project is beneficial for our school, going green, anything we can do to protect the environment is great,” said CVHS Associate Principal Michael Bertram.

Students at CVHS are excited to hear about the solar panels slated for the upcoming school year.

“I definitely think it’ll give a bigger benefit to the students to see new technology at its best. It might even inspire students to see how they can improve on the technology,” said Paul Cooper, a recent graduate of CVHS. “It’s a great opportunity for CVHS students.”


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