Patch Blog: Things That Went Away in Glendale

Raised in Glendale from 1944 to 1960, lived in Sparr Heights.

I need some help in finding information that only old residents might know.

As a boy who walked home from Clark (then) Junior High School, I often walked by a somewhat mysterious house covered with vines. It was Kehr's Clock Shop. As I was fascinated with old clocks, I met Mr. Kehr and we developed a friendship. I used my paper route money to buy several clocks from him. I believe his place was on the westside of Rosemont Avenue, just north of Honolulu Avenue. 

Does anyone remember Kehr's shop and do you know what happened to him? Also, did any of you attend Clark Junior High School from 1951 to 1954? I would love to chat with you. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I grew up in Glendale/Montrose. Please, let's share memories. 

-Bob Fishback


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ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 25, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Things that went away I said...Forgot the most important one...my youth. Youth is wasted on the young is false; Youth is a blessing upon the young in order to give them memories of what it was like to live in the 40's and wonder at everything that was un-explained to them yet. We wrote our own scripts as to what and why. There was a symphony of divine co-ordination and oh so small. Like the storm moving away and left in its wake the dripping on the downspout, that last final breath of wind that awakened the Deodar tree next door...its limbs waved at me. Deep in the night when all were asleep except for the neighborhood tomcat who crept down a dark alley. The little green glass man who stood in his window at the apartment comples up the street...Mr Wizard Wick...The Night Blooming Jasmine was awake and in its glory, the Morning Glories were asleep. The Sun rose like the great conductor it was..waving his baton. The lowly snail ambled out from under his rock. The night blooming jasmine closed its eyes and went to sleep. The children arose and ate breakfast...and on to school. The Sun reached its zenith and sank. The Verdugos echoed its warm departure. Night time....and the stage was set for another day..same song, second verse
Jesse Brown November 25, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Robert, I "grew up" in Highland park but made trips to Sears with my dad and ate at Billies and Damons, visited my Uncle Jim (Brownies Cleaners) on Adams and Glendale avenue... I think. Went to Vietnam, returned to live in Glendale for a time. Moved to La Crescenta in '72 and have been here since. I remember when Montrose Travel was a two person office, I remember the Three Oaks, Kona Kai, Huck Fin's, Scotch Mist, Hi Hat and the Copper Penny in Tujunga. I also ate at the Verdugan which is now a sports bar, frequented Jack's Intermezzo. I was moonlighting as a musician and hit all the bars and worked the La Canada Country club for about twelve years with my partner Dale Barbella. I worked as a Typewriter guy turned computer nerd for a store in Glendale for ten years. Do I know you?
ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 26, 2012 at 10:02 PM
The street light: Personifying them abit, they really were a patient and faithful crew. They just stood there, green post, nice base...crowned with glass...and through all our childhoods, they just stood there. Each one doing its duty until it handed off its duty to the next up the road. They marked out the streets and served as a good gathering place for the boys on their bicycles. ....their bikes in a circle..each kid wondering what we wanted to talk about. Girls...who liked who....teachers...girls...teachers..silence until the subject of UFO's came up. The early 50's were pregnant with UFO stories. Looking back, there was no moderator..kids just spoke as they were led, and everyone listened...they were sharing their souls.....One told of how he was in love with a Judy Walker and how he had art class with her. After the class let out, he stayed behind and went to the cupboard where all the art boxes were kept. All of them were shoe boxes. He told of how excited he became when he saw her initials...J.W, plus B.F. on her Karl's Shoes box..... Those were this kid's initials. He then told how he looked closer and found it was B.E. not B. F. Those times of sharing with our kindred friends was precious..better than any adult counsellor. We came to know through each other that we were not alone in an adult world...When we all were satisfied,,we by mutual consent, went to our own homes...but the secrets we had shared remained for a thousand years.
ROBERT E. FISHBACK February 10, 2013 at 10:38 PM
The most important things that went away from Glendale are the people. They came on line when Time said "NEXT"....The tide came in and with it the flotilla of the times. Each ship bore its own determinations and traits. From the great Sea of not yet, these little ships planted their roots in a home with Mommy and Daddy as they were once called. The little voices that said 'please leave the hall light on" when going to bed...absorbed all that was then. It was a peaceful Sea that brought them in, and a content shore upon which the landed. Their home had been prepared by the ones who also landed, grew, learned, and built a nice town..for themselves and were pleased to leave it alone for the new wave coming. The rows of nice little homes and gardens..the shopping center or Brand Blvd with the friendly Police Officer strolling up and down and found a little boy in tears because he could not find his Mother. He found her and I was very glad. So slow and content back then. The merchants smiled, the patrons smiled..so slowly they moved to a relaxed tempo. Happy times in Glendale..the Christrmas Parade, the Days of the Verdugos celebration. Church picnics..school field trips..no one hurt anyone. A change in the wind brought ships of a different breed..a breed to make things better, a bent to tear down and build bigger and higher...The flag of community became the dollar bill. The Sun set on Glendale.but thankfully, I was there back then to remember..just remember...
ROBERT E. FISHBACK March 24, 2013 at 07:46 PM
JESSIE BROWN: My writing is scattered all over the place. Just saw your post from last November and cannot find any reply I sent. Your name does not ring a bell; most every other thing you wrote, rings many bells. I have mentioned a few times a somewhat curuous Hotel on Foothill in Tujunga named the Alana Hotel. It looked like a dive....all wood and boxy looking. No one seems to remember it. You have an interesting bio....playing bars and the like. What kind of music did you play and what intruments did you play ? I remember going into the Scotch Mist with its little torch burning ....in 1960. I heard Dave Brubeck's "Take Five " for the first time in there....My best buddy and I had heard alot about 5th and Stanford in L.A. A seedy part of town...all black, and there was bar after bar where some of the most classic blues could be heard coming out the front door. That corner was famous for getting some...and we wanted to know. It was true, I had not intention of going all the way, but played the game with one street corner lady, "How long?" "Until you are satisifed" It was dark, creepy, and the air filled with cheap perfume and stale booze drifting out of the bars. We did not stay long. In the Summer of 1954, I washed dishes at the Yellow Jacket where V erdugo and Canada separate..down by Glendale College....Hope to hear from you again..you are interesting. Bob


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