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Please...just let go and come on in...

There is a saying:  "If you are stuck with a lemon, make lemonaid."  In the main, this is a news site about things and people in the Crescenta Valley.  I wished this was all the news there was...but it isn't.  Surrounding this wonderful little capsule of stories, there is that dark and bleak capsule of what is happening in our World; most of it is bad.  The capsule of KABC is mostly about murders, car chases, and corruption at every level.  The world news is about fighting...people killing people. Perhaps a little fiction involving facts about Crescenta Valley might be good lemonaid.  When we were children, we loved fairy tales; we did not sit down and use all of our smarts to debunk the story; we just entered into the story.  So,  the world of Crescenta Valley awakened one morning to something no one could explain.  It struck just a little fear into all of us because we ignored what had happened and wondered how it happened.  What happened was that the shopping center on the Northwest corner of Verdugo and Honolulu had disappeared.  Instead, there was a valley filled with Oak trees, a swimming pool, young and old enjoying life.  The splashing of water, the smoke from roasting weenies, girls chasing boys, boys chasing girls,  little ones digging in the dirt...a plethora of old cars and hot rods.  Indian Springs was back and it bothered a lot of people because it would take a super-natural act to do this.  Scientists came to see this amazing transformation and try to offer an explanation.  That they could not stunned the people.  They had to know how.  But soon  after the shock wore off, people soon did not care how, but began to enjoy the what of the matter.  Come join me and all the others,  The Springs are back, the fun is back, romances are being made in boy meets girl...(Someone just did a belly flop off the high board), A waft of chlorine mingles with wood smoke, and baked beans...Come on in and forget your sophistication...let's enjoy the day.

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ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 18, 2012 at 05:58 AM
There is a style of writing in Japan known as Haiku. No sentences, a series of words or short phrases so put together in a way to create an impression....such as...cold..cloudy....deodars singing..wind...smoke... pine cones....glowing embers cones...blending....Northern..yes Northern ....crisp..so clean....limbs shaking off the drops of rain.........It seems so strange to write like this..even stranger if Nicole et al posts....Nicole....bright star in literery skies....she knows ...
ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 24, 2012 at 08:15 PM
December 31, 1933.....A time line on a little girl about eight years old. She is not here,so I must tell her story. Her Mother, Father, and one sister lived on no street, They truly were amongst a few homeless people living at the base of Pickens Canyon. There was a small spring of water there where they could find water to drink and draw water to bathe. They were amongst that group knows as "The dust bowl refugees" It had rained all day, and at times, there was thunder and heavy rain. The water gushing out of the canyon was growing by the minute. About mid-night, there came a spell of tremendous rain. The family huddled in their tent and nibbled on the scraps of food that they had dug out of trash cans just down the hill. they embraced in the dim lantern light....Their lives and their stories, I tell. As the roar grew louder, they stood in one accord and embraced each other...a family. A wall of mud and boulders tore into their tent and they were torn from each other's arms....The Mother's body was later found..she set the family record, she was washed all the way to the sea. The other members, found their resting places along the trip down stream. The little girl, then dead, found her place due to a limb that snagged her dress. Soon, all were covered by tons of rock and mud..never to be seen nor found again. They all joined a special fraternity of like fate. All died, none forgotten. And, they lie beneath swimming pools and places of pleasure..


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