Steve Zurn Appointed General Manager of Glendale Water & Power

Steve Zurn has served as Interim General Manager of Glendale Water & Power since May 2012. Now he takes the permanent position.

Glendale City Council announced Tuesday that Steve Zurn is the permanent General Manager of Glendale Water & Power and will continue his position as Director of Glendale Public Works. 

Zurn served as the interim General Manager of GWP since May 2012 and has worked in Glendale for 25 years.

“Steve’s performance following his appointment as Interim General Manager, his longevity with the City and performance as the Director of Public Works were deciding factors,” said City Manager Scott Ochoa. 

“Since taking over as Interim General Manager, Mr. Zurn has executed strong leadership and implemented programs that are fiscally responsible that will serve our community well,” Ochoa said. 

Zurn previously worked as the Director of Public Works for the past nine years.  

“During his tenure, Steve’s ongoing display of accountability and strong management style has proven to be the essential qualities needed to lead GWP,” said Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero.

"Steve Zurn will remain the Director of Public Works as he assumes the permanent role as General Manager of Glendale Water and Power. Although he will manage both, they will remain independent operations within the City’s municipal services structure," according to a Glendale press release. 


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