Silver Lake Resident Inspires Cottage Food Bill on Governor's Desk

The Homemade Food Act would allow folks like Silver Lake resident Mark Stambler to sell certain locally produced foods in their communities.


"Write the Governor a letter," says Mark Stambler, whose experience trying to sell home-baked bread in two stores inspired AB1616.

AB1616, the Homemade Food Act, is now on the Governor's desk after approval in both the California Senate and Assembly Thursday.

The bill would permit breads, tortillas, cookies, preserves, nuts and other small-batch items produced in the home to be sold directly to consumers and in stores.

Certain public health protections would have to be met first, however.

Silver Lake resident Stambler became a poster child for micro-entrepreneurs trying to market their own products. 

The health department refused to allow him to sell home-baked bread in two local stores.

Assemblymember Mike Gatto, who lives in Silver Lake and represents Montrose and La Crescenta, took up his case and sponsored AB1616, also known as The Homemade Food Act.

Watch video in the above gallery for more back story on the bill.

Governor Jerry Brown has until the end of the month to sign the bill. 

Cities and counties around the state have gone on the record opposing the bill, fearing the risks they say it may create for them.

Supporters, like Stambler, say the Governor's signature is not certain, and urge anyone interested to write a letter in support of the bill and send it to Sacramento.

“Creating a legal structure for the safe, in-home production of certain foods that respects the importance of public health is a sensible approach that will spark more economic activity in our local economies and in California,” said Assembly member Gatto in a statement.


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