Updated: Candidate Mohill: 'I'm a Happily Married Man Who Happens To Be Gay'

In Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Mohill reveals that his criminal charges of lewd conduct were for having "gay sex in public."

Throughout the 2011 Glendale City Council Campaign, relations between candidate Mike Mohill and incumbent John Drayman have been strained, to say the least. Fresh off another bomb was dropped, this time by Mohill himself.

Mohill revealed that, though he has been married since 1977, he is gay, and that the two charges brought against him in the '80s for solicitation of lewd acts were the product of him having "gay sex in public." He did not comment as to who the men involved were or where the incidents took place.

Mohill claimed that his wife has known about his sexual orientation since his arrests in '87 and '88, and that, nonetheless, they maintain a "marriage in which we share a powerful affection and respect for each other."

Mohill went on to rail against Drayman, whom he blames for making this campaign "personal" rather than "public." Mohill claims that, for his part, his criticisms have been directed only toward Drayman's public life, rather than his personal life. Mohill then went on to state Drayman is "reputed to be gay himself."

To conclude, Mohill said "I would hope this statement would satisfy ... lewd curiosity. I'm not so naive as to believe this statement, as agonizing as it [is], will not severely hurt my election chances. How badly, only time will tell."

In an interview with Patch, Mohill's nephew, Cory Mohill-Smith, revealed that the he and his brother only found out about Mohill's sexual preference this Sunday. Mohill and his wife, Lorraine, had kept Mohill's sexuality and arrests a secret from both of their families.

In Mohill-Smith's opinion, Mohill was "forced to be outed" by Drayman. Though Mohill has gone so far as to liken Drayman to Adolf Hitler, Mohill-Smith maintained that his uncle has not "[attacked] Drayman on a personal level."

As for his aunt, Lorraine Mohill, Mohill-Smith reported she "has been completely consenting to all of his actions," and also remarked that Drayman "put [his] uncle in a corner."

Watch video of the city council meeting here (Mohill's declaration begins one hour one minute in.)

Update: At the end of the City Council Meeting, Drayman responded to Mohill's insinuations about his "reputedly gay" lifestyle with sarcasm. Drayman directed the community to the Vanguard Weekly Newsletter: "I can't believe I'm saying this," Drayman said, "but I would encourage you to read the most recent Vanguardian.

"You want to get to a flavor for this publication, read the most recent Vanguardian; it will tell you I'm having an affair with Jason Wells, who is the city editor of the Glendale News-Press, and we meet for secret rendezvous and gaze into each others' eyes. And you'll find out that Mr. Quintero is having a secret romance with my campaign manager. Why, they sat at a forum practically holding hands, thigh to thigh," Drayman recounted sarcastically.

Drayman referred to all Mohill's accusations as "wild."  He also remarked "when [Mohill's] mouth is moving, you can tell [he's lying]."

Stay tuned for further coverage of the City Council Campaign.

Up next: an exclusive look at the allegations against Drayman. In a one-on-one interview with Patch, the councilman spoke in depth on ADI, his condo renovation, campaign contributions and lessons learned.

munson March 16, 2011 at 12:09 PM
let me see if i have this right. mohill committed three crimes for which he was charged and convicted and believes he is being attacked as a candidate for public office when the facts of his convictions come out? yet his accusations based on zero documentation about other candidates is fair game? i think mohill doesn't get it.
Mohill Watcher March 16, 2011 at 12:52 PM
I attended the Verdugo Woodlands Candidates' Forum last week. In that setting Mike Mohill blamed the Glendale Police Department for conspiring to bring the facts of his convictions forward because Mohill wanted to cut police salaries and pensions. Last night, he accused Mr. Drayman of bringing the fact of Mohill's convictions forward to hurt his chances of being elected to city office. A few weeks ago, Mike Mohill came to my front door campaigning and told me that Drayman was being investigated by the Federal government. Last night, Mike Mohill said he only criticized Mr. Drayman's public actions. Jason Wells, an editor of the Glendale News Press and moderator of the Candidate's Debate I attended, corrected Mr. Mohill, stating that Mr. Drayman was in fact not under investigation by anyone. I am amazed that Mr. Mohill thinks lying about another person is okay if he is only lying about their public life. The parade of "Mohill Clan" coming to the microphone at the council meeting last night was both disgusting and amazing, disgusting in that, to a person, they could not see how Mike Mohill's own actions caused him to be convicted not once, not twice, but three separate times, andt amazing because we could all see how the obvious brain infarction necessary to follow this rationalization was completely hereditary.
David Gubser March 16, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I hear Comedy Central is looking for a new reality show. How about "The Gadflies of Glendale". Or perhaps "Sundays in the Park With Mike"? After all, laughter is the best Medicine!
Ryan M March 17, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Mohill is way off base here. Drayman has a right and responsibility to expose his opponent's arrest record. Mohill has no right to speculate on Drayman's sex life, which is a personal matter. Mohill is in effect saying, "Don't vote for Drayman because he's gay," which is an insult to the LGBT community. It's childish and he's made a farce of the election.


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