GWP Will Switch Water Disinfection Process in Montrose-La Crescenta

Glendale Water & Power will switch from chlorine to chloramines to disinfect water in North Glendale above Oakmont Golf Course, including Montrose and La Crescenta.

GWP will convert from chlorine to chloramines to disinfect local water and comply with new federal drinking water regulations, officials announced Wednesday. 

Starting Aug. 8, North Glendale residents above Oakmont Golf Course in Verdugo Canyon, including Montrose and La Crescenta, will have water that matches the disinfection process in the rest of Glendale. 

"Both chlorine and chloramines are effective at eliminating bacteria and making the water safe," according to a news release.

Water with chloramines is safe for drinking, bathing, cooking, and all other uses for water. However, two groups that need to take special precautions while using chloraminated water: kidney dialysis patients, and fish pond, and aquarium owners.

Kidney dialysis treatment requires chloramines, like chlorine, must be removed from water. 

Operators of kidney dialysis clinics in Glendale were apparently contacted by GWP and all have indicated that they have the proper equipment in place for the removal of chloramines.

Anyone who receives kidney dialysis treatment and has questions should contact their hospital, clinic or home care provider.

People with fish ponds, tanks or aquariums should make necessary adjustments in water treatment, since both chlorine and chloramines are toxic to fish. Pet shops can provide information on conditioners that will remove or neutralize chloramines in the water. 

“The majority of Glendale has been receiving water with chloramines since 1985. The quality of the water Glendale Water & Power delivers to its customers continues to exceed all regulatory safety standards, and meets all health requirements,” said Peter Kavounas, Glendale Water & Power’s Assistant General Manager of Water, in a prepared statement. 

The utility samples and tests water each week and reports the results to the State Health Department on a monthly basis, officials said. 

To learn more about chloramines on GWP’s website at www.GlendaleWaterAndPower.com. Anyone with additional questions can contact GWP’s Water Quality Office at 818-551-6906.


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