CD 1's Ed Reyes Endorses CD 13's Eric Garcetti

Reyes becomes the first city council member to endorse Garcetti after Jose Huizar tapped Wendy Gruel.

Silver Lake resident and mayoral aspirant Eric Garcetti picked up his first endorsement Friday from a fellow city council member, Ed Reyes.

Reyes and Garcetti share district boundaries, much of it along a dividing line that cuts through the center of Echo Park.

Garcetti said he was honored to have earned Reyes' support.

"Ed Reyes is a champion for Northeast L.A. and the L.A. River who shares my belief in the untapped greatness of our city -- greatness we can unleash if we harness innovative solutions to create jobs and and make City Hall work again,'' Garcetti said.

Jose Huizar of nearby Council District 14 as well as Tony Cardenas and Bill Rosendahl have given their support to Wendy Gruel. Bernard Parks has endorsed Jan Perry.

The influential Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley also gave Garcetti a thumbs up this week, possibly influenced by a preliminary poll from The Center for the Study of Los Angeles.

It showed Garcetti as the frontrunner in the race and favored by Latinos and Asian-Americans.

Among "decided voters" surveyed, Garcetti led with 36 percent, with Gruel following at 32 percent, followed by Perry with 15 percent and attorney Kevin James with 8.7 percent.

Asian-American and Latino voters favored Garcetti, whose father is of Mexican ancestry. Perry, an African-American, polled at 51 percent with African American voters, while Greuel won with white voters.

Gruel also slightly outpulled Garcetti when subjects were asked who they would choose in a runoff, with just over 50 percent.

The poll also noted that two-thirds of the voters surveyed were still undecided in advance of the March 5 vote.

Garcetti campaign strategist Bill Carrick called the endorsement by the Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley -- 63 percent of its voting members supported Garcetti -- ``a tremendous asset for our ground game."

Cynthia Price December 31, 2012 at 08:18 PM
The race issues come about with certain groups taking advantage of L.A. Taxpayers. Have you gone to a County Hospital? Your taxes are paying for that. And being white and unemployed I cant get insurance, yet i pay for many to have free insurance, go figure.
nonoise December 31, 2012 at 08:36 PM
People are waking up to the fact that when they work hard and then need help there is none. But people that never work get all the help in the world. There is plenty of blacklash. Don't vote for anyone that has a lifetime career in government office.
Cerro Gordo December 31, 2012 at 09:06 PM
But you can go to the County Hospital. That's the point of having a County Hospital. If you're unemployed, just how do you "pay for many to have free insurance"? What free insurance are you talking about? Access to the County Hospital is not insurance. I am employed, so I am actually paying for the County Hospital. I have no problem with it. If someone looks like they have signs of tuberculosis, I want them to get checked out even if they can't afford it. That benefits all of us. Try to look at the long view. I'm sorry but, you say you're unemployed, and then you complain about "certain groups taking advantage of L.A. Taxpayers". If you're unemployed, you aren't paying taxes. What are you complaining about again???
nonoise December 31, 2012 at 11:47 PM
If you go to the county General Hospital they will send you the bill in the mail unless you have Medi-cal. There is no free doctor or hospital visits. The problem with the free medi-cal with county hospitals is that people are now using emergency rooms for doctor visits, people that just have colds or minor things. Then taxpayers have to pay those bills and must pay for their own healthcare too. Taxpayers have to pay for their own health insurance and also pay for others.
Cerro Gordo January 01, 2013 at 12:47 AM
Yes, they will send you a bill. Whether that bill gets paid or not... I work at a "Hospital of Last Resort" in Downtown LA called California Hospital Medical Center. We get patients all the time with no money for medical bills and no medical insurance. Homeless people and working poor people. I mean, if you make very little money and your kid gets sick, what are you gonna do? You go where you can. They still get taken care of, just like the folks going to County. Yes, the government (City, County, State, and Federal) often ends up paying the bill, but that is something I will gladly pay for because it's a public health issue. That is a benefit to me, personally. It helps tamp down flu or TB outbreaks, for example. Yes they still happen, but could you imagine how much worse it could be? That isn't a worthy use for tax money? You prefer people just toughing it out with whatever sickness they have and putting other people at risk just to lower your taxes ever so slightly? That sounds awfully short sided. By the way, how on earth do you know why people are in the ER? Do you walk around area ER's taking polls?


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