Help Local Firefighters Before a Wildfire Happens

Glendale Fire Department Chief Harold Scoggins offers fire prevention tips before the Santa Ana winds pick up in September and October.

Glendale firefighters are counting on the public's help as low rainfall and climbing temperatures pose a fire threat for the area. 

Chief Harold Scoggins expects challenges from budget cuts and strained resources this fire season, he told locals last month during a Glendale City Council meeting.

“As you may already know we’ve received 8 inches of rainfall this year, that’s half of what we expected. Twice as many red flag days this year, single digit humidity, [if the] winds pick up it could create a danger,” he said.

There are less people on Glendale's fire department staff, he added.

“With all the budget challenges that all the agencies have been facing obviously there are less firefighters than there were a few years ago,” Scoggins said.  

The Station Fire in 2009 brought additional resources to the area. This could be difficult in an upcoming fire, he said. 

He asked the community to become better prepared. Brush clearance, creating a family plan in case of an emergency, are ways to help firefighters, he said.

Scoggins said if a fire breaks out and it’s close to your home begin packing your valuables and plan to leave by car or ride, call your family to tell them where you are. 

“If we ask you to leave [then] you really need to leave. Many fatalities that happen today occur because people don’t leave,” Scoggins said.

Scoggins recommended the Glendale Youth Alliance to help clear hillside brush or help with yard maintenance. To receive a free estimate from GYA call (818) 548-3727. 


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