CV Sheriff's Explorers Ace Ambush Training (Photos)

The explorers participated in police scenarios that replicate real-life situations from active shooter training to quelling a mentally unstable person.

Crescenta Valley's Deputy Explorers know how to handle an ambush.

The local team won accolades recently for their performance in the Pasadena X Games Explorer Competition at Hahamongna Park. 

Twenty-three teams, consisting of approximately 300 Explorers, participated in police scenarios where they handled the situation from start to completion, just as deputies and officers do on a daily basis, according to a press release from Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Slater of the .

These scenarios consisted of a domestic violence situation, suspicious person, officer ambush, active shooter, mentally ill patient (5150), high risk traffic stop, and crime scene investigation.

The Crescenta Valley Explorers placed first in the officer ambush scenario, third in the crime scene investigation scenario, fourth in the domestic violence scenario, and fifth in the suspicious person scenario.

Deputy Explorers perform non-hazardous law enforcement functions such as crowd control at civic events and parades, traffic direction, answering telephones at the complaint desk, crime prevention programs, and countless other law enforcement functions. They receive extensive training in subjects such as community relations, leadership, criminal law, firearm safety, weaponless defense and police procedures. 

In addition, deputy Explorers ride with regular deputies on patrol. They observe and help with traffic reports, citations, emergency 911 calls, rescues and other tasks. 

Exploring is open to all 14-19 year old students who have the desire to see what law enforcement is all about.  Each explorer must go thru an 18-week academy on Saturdays. Once they graduate they may pick the station in which they wish to work. Each explorer recruit must hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher, have no arrests, and be of good moral standing, according to sheriff's deputies. 

If you are interested in the Explorers contact the Crescenta Valley Community Relations Sergeant at (818) 248-3464.


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