Cliff Plunge Survivor Tried Mental Telepathy

Tracy Granger tells KTLA she tried to telepathically alert her husband that she was in a horrible accident.

A woman who  told KTLA that she tried mental telepathy to reach her husband.

Her neck and pelvis fractured, and a couple of ribs broken, Tracy Granger, 56, said aloud, "Something has happened, figure it out,'' she told KTLA in an interview, hoping to telepathically reach her husband.

Her husband, it turns out, reported Granger missing when she did not return home after letting him know hours earlier that she was en route.

On March 25, rescuers found tire marks going off the side of the mountain, then spotted the pickup smashed into the snowy mountainside. Granger has said she remembered hitting ice on ACH and attempted to correct her steering but knew she was headed for the edge. Her truck rolled over the edge, ultimately landing right-side up some 350 feet down the mountain.

Last week, at her hospital bedside, who saved her life. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reserve deputies Jason Johnson, Cyndy Moyneur and Robert Sheedy were among those highlighted for their actions following the crash. 

Johnson spotted the tire marks and then made his way down the hillside. He saw Granger laying in the snow. He administered medical treatment before being joined by Moyneur, Sheedy and Sheriff's Air 5 paramedics.

Granger said she had no idea how close she had come to dying.

"I am so deeply grateful to them for not giving up and for fighting for me,'' she told the broadcast station.

You may watch the KTLA interview here. 

JT Hampton April 10, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Very smart that she called her husband before she left!!
Nicole Charky April 10, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Definitely. JT, did you watch the video interview? It's crazy how Tracy describes her survival. I'm glad to hear she's recovering.
Judie Johnson April 11, 2012 at 07:06 PM
The Montrose Search & Rescue Team is a great asset to this community. All of these wonderful men & women are very dedicated to their work. We are proud of our son Deputy Jason Johnson who spotted Tracy's tire marks on the snow berm where she went over. Our best to Tracy for her recovery........Judie Johnson


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