Bear Spotted Near Refrigerator in La Crescenta

Glendale Police officers are on the look out for a large bear that apparently entered a garage and opened a refrigerator near the Verdugo Mountains.

A local apparently woke up Wednesday morning to a bear, sitting next to an open refrigerator in his garage.

The homeowner heard noises about 3 a.m. Wednesday in the 3700 block of Beechglen Drive, south of Honolulu Avenue, in La Crescenta, city spokeswoman Vicki Gardner told the Los Angeles Times. The resident's name was not immediately available, she said. 

The animal apparently entered the garage through an open outside door, The Times reported. 

Others reported a bear was breaking into outdoor trash cans, Gardner said. The Los Angeles County Fish and Game Commission and Pasadena Humane Society were called because the bear is described as "quite large."

Officials warn locals to keep food inside. The bear may have gone back to the Verdugo Mountains, however anyone who sees it is urged to call Glendale Police Sgt. Traci Fox at (818) 550-6569. 

Steve Colton March 26, 2012 at 02:54 AM
All of the mountain and foothill areas originally "belong" (present tense meant) to them and our other wild critter friends. We can, and must, co-exist. Our bad habits should not become they're opportunity to behave badly. If you leave yourself open for invasion, expect it to happen to you. So, don't blame the critters for your laziness. Keep small pets and children inside. Do not encourage coyotes and racoons by leaving food opportunities easily available to them. There is a balance to nature and we are slow to learn about it - guns and shooting those "lesser" than us are not the answer despite the lunatics who wish to profess otherwise.


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