Water Parks and Country Clubs for Pets (Video)

From Sunland to Burbank, pet daycare facilities have gone wild, playful and definitely off-leash.

We live a few miles from some of the most innovative, playful, creative kennels ever conceived. Mind you, copy cats (and dogs) have sprung up around the country, but Paradise Ranch, in Sunland, pioneered the off-leash dog kennel, originally called a hotel and now called a country club.

Working people without pet-loving neighbors or latch-key kids needed a way to have their animals walked and fed and nurtured during long work days. Traditional kennels always had kennel runs, cages, leashed walking and limited interaction with other animals or staff. 

The modern "kennel" is more varied, pioneered by Sunland's Paradise Ranch, the off-leash facilities with opportunities for dogs to mingle safely, move about freely, and interact frequently with staff and other animals arrived many years ago. Now Paradise Ranch has sprung up brother and sister facilities, including a facility specifically for cats! (This is a G-rated cathouse, friends.)

I recently met a couple walking Fryman Canyon, and I stopped to video an interview briefly with them. They told me about a facility of this same off-leash stripe, located nearby in Burbank. 

Do you have a cat who may need attention? Do you have a dog who likes agility style exercise? Do you have to take a trip and want to know your dog is OK? Some of these facilities even have surveillance cams 24 hours a day, located in several common grounds of the facility that you can observe from your hotel room in Spain to check on Bluto, making sure he still has a shiny coat.


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