Tiny Dancer Seeks Kind Hearted Lion

While dining on a vanilla latte at The Coffee Bean, I spotted Stacey ... a modern day Ginger Rogers with a Brazilian twist.

It was Sunday fun day for me in downtown Montrose and smelling the fresh vegetation permeating from the was all I needed to get over the latest Big Brother eviction. I was eager to interview my next victim and with her sights set on performing, family and career, Stacey Hull was discovering Montrose all over again. While dancing her way back to the area after a six-year hiatus, this college grad found solace in the newfound nightlife, grandma Mary and the Samba.


Name: Stacey Hull

Age: 25

Occupation: Actress/Dancer 

Current Location:

Relationship Status: Single

Interested In: A kindly, creative type.


Do you live around here? 

Yes. I just moved back to Montrose two weeks ago.

Oh … from where?

I was in Salt Lake for about six years. I went to college there, but I grew up here. I stayed there after because I was in a dance company there. 

You certainly look like a dancer. What kind of dance?

I'm a Samba dancer.

What is that?

It’s Brazilian dance. I'ts like scantily clad with feathers and beads. It’s a celebration. 

Are you Brazilian?

No. But I love the culture!

Why is that?

I just got really into the drumming; the drum and the dance are very interconnected. I’ve actually started doing a Brazilian martial art.

How long have you been dancing the Samba?

Since I was six or seven. I took a class at the University of Utah and I started with the company. 

What made you move back to Montrose?

Well, I was an acting major. So, I am moving back here cause I got a BA. There is more opportunity here for that kind of stuff. I am currently checking out all the theaters and contacting them.

What kind of acting do you want to do?

, television, . I love it all! And voice over, I have done a lot lately. 

Gosh, do you sing, too?

I do sing! I love . I actually did a lot of singing in my Samba Company. 

Are you looking for an agent?

Right now, I just got a survival job. So, I haven't looked yet.

Where do you work?

I just started working on Sunset Blvd. at a restaurant there. 

Are you single?

Yes, I am. I just left this wonderful life behind in Salt Lake. I had an amazing boyfriend there.

Wow! Then why did you leave? 

Starting over is good. We weren’t headed in the same direction. Our long-term plans were different. Even if it’s good, people part ways. It’s hard. 

How long were you guys together?

Two years. It’s been hard. 

Are you going to remain friends?

Yes. We didn’t part on bad terms.

What are the top three qualities that are important for you to have in a guy?

. Somebody who is very thoughtful, both creatively and in a human sense. And of course, kind.

Do you usually date men your age?

I have dated men older than me for most of my relationships, I guess. But only three to six years older.

Do you still have a lot of friends here?

Yeah, three of my best friends live here.

Are you glad to be back? 

I think so. There’s a lot more going on here. Since I have come back, there are a lot more things on Honolulu Avenue. There are a lot more and . This street used to be pretty dead in the evenings. But since I have been back, it’s changed. It seems like a lot more is going on.

I didn’t realize. 

I just moved back in with my family for a while. My mom and my grandma. She just turned 91! She and I have the same birthday so we celebrated with a lot of family fun. 

What’s her name? 

Mary Nelson.

Happy Birthday, Mary!

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