Follow-Up: Transformed Local Seeks New Life

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to find out what Heather had been up to since our last meeting. But I know that I did not expect what came next…

Whoever said that happy endings didn’t exist haven’t met Heather, a woman who reinvented herself after a disastrous relationship with an officer of the law. When I first met back in June, she was knee deep in drama with her on again off again boyfriend, who was almost 20 years her senior. But at the time I could not have predicted the destructive turn this relationship would take. Talk about drama!



Age: 24 

Occupation: Volunteer 

Current Location:

Relationship Status: Single

Interested In: An honest man.


First of all, you look so different than the we met six months ago. It's like you are all grown up! So, what have you been up to since I saw you in June?

I have been finding myself after a break-up because I have been in a relationship since I was 17.

That’s right. I remember. 

I had never really been on my own and had no idea what it was like. The first two weeks after the break-up, I was really depressed because it happened so horribly.

Oh no.

But afterwards, I found out what a sociopath he basically was and I realized I was so much better off.


I was so wrapped up in his life that I had to learn to get my own priorities in order. And there were so many things that I wasn’t doing for myself.

I remember hearing about the drama with him. What was the straw that broke the camels back in the relationship? 

Well, the last month we were together, things had gotten very stressful. I was laid off from my job of seven years and I became more needy of him because I wanted the same support from him that I had given him.

It’s only fair.

And he wasn’t giving it to me and I grabbed my stuff one day and left and he ended up talking me into staying. Shortly thereafter, he called me and said he didn’t love me anymore and he told me he was re-marrying his ex-wife. 


Yeah. That was my reaction and I didn’t believe him. He said he was getting rid of the and that he forged my name off the lease. 

Oh, my God!

And I was like, he’s a police officer, he can’t do that! 

Is he stationed around here?


Good. Then what?

And then his ex-wife started texting me. It was awful. He had always told me such horrible things about her like she was mentally ill and crazy. 

Right. All men say that after a break-up. When did all of this happen?

About three months ago.

Have you heard from him since?

Unfortunately, yes. There was a in my family and he found out and sent me this very formal e-mail. After we broke up, I went over to my apartment with a police officer and the building manager to get my stuff cause I didn’t want to go there alone and someone had the place.

Wow. What are you doing now to revamp yourself?

I am planning my own future now! It’s great. I am doing internships with politics and working with an elected official. I want to get my own place within the next year because I am staying with my parents for now.

Do you have different priorities that you look for in a person?

I would like someone who is really honest and not a dictator in the relationship. I thought that part was normal because as a and I didn’t know better.

Are you looking for another relationship or are you just happy being ?

I am really happy being single, but I am dating right now. I joined because I have a lot of friends that met great guys on there. I am going out with a guy tonight that I met online.

Where are you going?


Nice choice. Anything you want to add?

I had a false start in life, but everything is very exciting from here on out!

ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 02, 2012 at 10:18 PM
First of all,this blog is one of the most interesting on this patch site. It is a sounding of sorts and reveals the state of things in our society. Now as to Heather...I am 73 yrs old. Therefore, you won't like what I tell you. Let's be honest, the term "Relationship" is a politically correct word for immorality at the highest level. You see nothing wrong with giving yourself away to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in order to feel valued. You are selling your soul to the Devil. You are trying to buy a sense of being needed and valued by degrading yourself. You have built and are building a self image. You are a long way from having the tools to make good choices in regards to men. Concentrate on re-building your life, get envolved in community activites. Stay out of bars and that is paramount. Vultures cloaked in alluring flesh nest there and they are death personified. Go to Church, even if you have pre-conceived ideas and prejudices. You have escaped danger, don't go there again and God bless you. Bob


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