Date Night, Montrose Style: Part I

Whether a first date or anniversary dinner, Montrose has some of the best dining, shopping and nightlife to accommodate almost any romantic interlude.

Here in Montrose, it’s not unusual to see couples walking hand in hand down Honolulu Avenue or playing kissy face in on a random weekday afternoon. So, I asked myself what the prefect date was and how locals can turn an ordinary Friday evening into a romantic scene from Can’t Buy Me Love. As a for Patch, naturally these are the questions that keep me up at night. And hopefully, I will finally get some sleep after I dish out some tips, ideas and suggestions on the ideal Montrose date.

For starters, it’s no secret that I am pretty obsessed with television. So, my first idea is inspired by Ashley and J.P. from The Bachelorette. Now, this guy is a romantic and we can all learn a few things from his chivalry and ability to keep his jealousy in check while Ashley was courted by 15 other guys. Needless to say if J.P. were in Montrose, he would certainly choose for the perfect bouquet in order to profess his undying love for his sweetheart. But if you aren’t in love yet, a single yellow or white rose is always a good choice early on in the dating process.

Preparing for a big date can be scary for even the most confident of women, and hair and make-up can disrupt the perhaps ordinary routine of watching the Real Housewives of New York on a Thursday night. But if Countess Luanne and Kelly Bensimon lived in Montrose, I have no doubt they would spend an hour at getting their eye brows threaded and their make-up applied by licensed professionals.

Choosing the perfect outfit can also be a grueling process and since clothing is not optional on a date, we are forced to get dressed and hit the stores for another purchase. But unless you’re Bethenny Frankel and just sold your company for $120 million, we have to stay within budget. has the latest fashions, good prices and only sell one of each size in order to avoid that awkward moment. And since you can’t wear flip-flops on a date, be sure to check out your options at and maybe snag a pair of fierce turquoise heels.

Let’s face it when it comes to dinner, candlelight and red never hurt anyone. And choosing a restaurant for a first date can be a seriously debilitating process. Luckily for us, Montrose is a town that easily appeals to daters and if you and your honey want to join hands and lock lips, you may have the best chance at the rustic , voted best romantic restaurant in "Glendale's Best 2009." But if you want to impress with your cocktail knowledge, has some of the best in town without breaking the bank. But don’t drink more than two cocktails on a first date! Instead, prolong the journey at .

At the end of a date and if all goes well, we would like to guarantee that first kiss. This is not the time to play coy. If you like your date, let them know, give him or her the sign that you will not reject his or her affections by leaning in and not away. Securing a second date can be crucial at the drop off point, so this is no time to be coy. Remember to make it count and make it memorable!


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