Urban Black Bears: They Share our Fondness for Pools and Pizza

The Eaton Canyon Twilight series presents “The Urban Black Bear," this Saturday at the Nature Center.

It's funny what bears and humans have in common. 

We both like pools, soda pop and pizza; we both enjoy taking the family out for a nocturnal stroll.

Urban black bears have made themselves pretty darned comfortable in our company.  

The ones we see on the street and in backyards today were likely born and raised within city limits. And they’re not going anywhere.

The bears have figured out how to live with us, so now it’s our turn to figure out how we can best live with them.

"The Urban Black Bear" will present facts, tips, and discussion this Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center.

A $3 donation per person is requested.


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