Shopping Guide: Which 'White Friday' Deals Await You?

See the holiday season sales and share your gift wishes from local stores for White Friday.

Instead of scouring for Black Friday deals in a large shopping mall faraway, Montrose merchants want you to shop local - they've even called Santa, snow and carolers to bring a White Friday to you.

Bright Christmas lights, old songs of Christmas

The park will be full of powdered snow, Christmas carolers, and a tree lighting ceremony at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 25.

Montrose Patch strolled the shopping park, scouring over gift options for everyone. 

Look for stores with white snowflakes, Linda McMenamin told Patch. These indicate merchants who are participating in White Friday.

"Merchants can participate in a variety of ways: "whiting out" sales tax, offering discounts, coupons, deals or hosting a hospitality table for visitors," McMenamin said.

Check back with Patch for a list of participating merchants, which will be known by the Montrose Shopping Park Association Wednesday.

Montrose Patch wants to hear from you. What's on your holiday wishlist?

Will you buy a scarf for mom? Toms shoes from for a tot? Or holiday yarn from for your grandmother?

Take a photo of a gift you would like to receive or give to a loved one, neighbor, boss or anybody else.

How to upload a photo:

Simply upload your photos clicking the “Submit Your Photos” button above the main image and we will feature it throughout the holidays. Make sure to add a caption telling us about the gift and why you'd like it or buy it for someone else. You can also embed a YouTube video by pasting a link.


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