Video: Paradis Reopens Its Doors

Paradis has several locations in Denmark and one in the U.S., right in the Montrose Shopping Park.

In the midst of the frozen yogurt and ice cream craze that has new franchises popping up all over California, Paradis has been able to hold its own. Maybe that's because Paradis is so exclusive. The Montrose location is the only one in the United States; the rest are in Denmark.

At the very end of 2010, Paradis ran into some trouble. Their generator broke. No generator meant no refrigeration for the ice cream counter. And that, of course, meant no ice cream. Paradis temporarily closed its doors on December 20.

The timing couldn't have been worse. "Everybody was off during the holidays, so it took a long time," said Morten Thorup, co-owner of Paradis. "We had to ship [the generator] in from Canada."

Paradis reopened its doors on January 13 to a steady flow of customers.

"Actually we are pretty surprised that business is so good... we expected that it would be a little bit slow when we first opened back up," said Thorup. "But, we've been really busy. It's really good."

Thorup and his co-owner Mia Pederson (who is featured in the video to the right) are already whipping up a new flavor: "sorbet with edel flower."

What exactly is that?

"It tastes like summer," said Thorup.

We'll take one cup to go, please.

ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 17, 2012 at 11:40 PM
I remember a Dennis Paradis from Glendale High school days. Is he any relation?


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