Video: 'Knights' Battle for Crescenta Valley Park

Historical re-creationists duked it out over the weekend in Crescenta Valley Park.

Kings, lords, duchesses and other royalty descended on on Jan. 15 to partake in the ultimate battle: Who does the park really belong to?

OK, we all know that the park really belongs to L.A. County. But for a couple of hours on Saturday, the Society for Creative Anachronism hosted a melee tournament called the "Angels Melee Tourney & Border Skirmish," where fighters--as well as 17th-century arts and science aficionados--re-created the era while claiming clout and prestige ... all without losing a limb or two.

Check out our video on the right to see all the action.

Fighters like "Konstantin Ulfson" (aka Stephen Huges from Las Vegas), "Honorable Lord Thorin O'seaghdha" (aka Clark Acton) -- as well as royalty like "Sir Wilhelm Skalla Grimm" and observers like "Duchess Faizeh al-Zarga" -- all partook in day-long festivities where everyone was in character, from head to toe. Unlike Renaissance Faires or LARPing, which are often related to this, each individual creates his or her own character, rather than re-enacting a particular person from the past.

ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 17, 2012 at 11:59 PM
Well, as I did not see it.....but..sounds like allot of fun. Too bad the Arabs and Israelies don't do something like this...
Diana R Rising November 18, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Does anyone know--is this an annual event? It looks fun to watch.


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