Winter Weather Coming to L.A. County This Weekend

Unusually cold temperatures, rainfall and snow in the mountains are predicted on Saturday and Sunday in L.A. County.

It looks like Los Angeles County might finally get a little piece of winter: forecasters are predicting unusually low temperatures, heavy rainfall and low snow levels in the mountains this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm could being cold temperatures and half an inch to one-and-a-half inches of rain in low-lying areas, and around two inches in the foothill and mountain areas.

Snow levels could drop as low as 2,000 feet by Saturday night. 

Anyone driving through mountain areas is advised to prepare for winter weather driving conditions, including possible black ice on the roads Saturday night into Sunday.

Campers and hikers are advised to take precautions as well.

In Montrose-La Crescenta, the National Weather Service is predicting a high temperature of 58 degrees on Saturday and a high temperature of 48 degrees on Sunday.

Nicole Charky March 18, 2012 at 10:28 PM
How's everyone doing following the rain? I had a Facebook wall post from Patch user Leslie Dickinson. Here's her water-related problem. Are you facing the same issues? "I live next door to the wash. It has been full of debris for weeks. With the heavy rains it is backing up and about 2 feet from over flowing, right now. But during the heavy rains it was only 1 foot. Who do I call? I tried the Sheriffs department and 211. Neither was able to help me." I'll follow up with Leslie's question. Let me know if you have any weather-home-foothill related questions. Thanks!


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