Have You Seen What Our Editors Are Doing with the New Patch Mobile App?

It is changing—perhaps revolutionizing— the way we can report the news, and the way our users can communicate with us and each other.

Do you have the new Patch mobile app? It has given our editors and users the ability to post photos and video live to the sites right from their phones.

The app is changing—perhaps revolutionizing— the way our editors can report the news, and the way our users can communicate with us and each other. Just as we can now quickly and on the fly report a car crash, fire or fun event in a few seconds... so can you! We're still learning and having fun with this new technology. Click here to get the app for free

Here are some cool stories our Patch editors in the San Gabriel Valley, Crescenta Valley, Northeast L.A. and Hollywood have reported with their mobile app. 

Traffic Alerts/Breaking News
We can now post breaking news from the scene in real time. Traffic was backed up on the 210 Freeway in the Crescenta Valley on Friday due to a brush fire in Lake View Terrace. A Patch editor was stuck in that traffic, pulled over and in a few minutes sent out a breaking news alert with a photo. Hopefully this helped some people avoid the jam. If you see some breaking news, you can snap a photo or take a video and post it right to Patch. 
Traffic Gets Backed Up on 210 Westbound Due to Brush Fire

Reporting Live from Events
We will continue to do traditional journalism stories here at Patch, but the mobile app has opened up our ability to also do quick, fast, fun stories with photos and video as well, and more of them. If a fun event or interesting thing is happening around town right now, we can let you know about it, right now. You can also let us and our users know what's happening, right now! 
Locals Collecting Donations for Fallen Firefighters' Families
Belgian Independence Day, Beer Fest at Lucky Baldwin's 

Have You Seen It?
We aim to be the eyes and ears of our communities. Sometimes while out and about, we see something funny or interesting and we want our readers to see it too. Have you seen anything?
Photo: A 'House Divided' in South Pasadena
Living and Busking Around the Corner From the So Pas Farmers' Market
48 Hours of Graffiti on One of Highland Park's Most Hard-to-Find Homes
The YMCA's Big 'Y' Is No More, New Look Coming
Just checked out new Altadena store Rhythms of the Village

The mobile app allows our editors to report a story essentially with the same presentation they normally would, but in a much more fast and efficient way. It allows us to stop, report a story, and then keep on moving looking for more stories instead of having to pull out our clunky computers and find the nearest wi-fi. All these stories were done with our mobile app:
L.A. Artists Dish about Elected Officials' Portraits
Video: Meet the Owner of Arcadia's Crossfit Reason
New Mediterranean Restaurant Coming To Old Town Monrovia
Sam Choy's Pineapple Express Offers "More Hula For Your Moolah" in Highland Park
How Gymnastics Boosts Girls' Performance and Self-Esteem at Payke

Remember, the mobile app is for you, too. See something you think our readers should know about, or something you want to know more about? Post it to Patch with the mobile app! 


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