Bicyclists Help Save Ducklings From Glendale Storm Drain

H&S Bicycles, a group of bicyclists from the Burbank shop, were notified of baby ducks that wandered into a storm drain. The cyclists and Glendale Fire Department helped pull the fuzzy ducklings to safety.

Bicyclists helped save a family of fuzzy ducklings that wandered into a storm drain next to In-N-Out and Glendale Adventist Medical Center on July 4. 

Patch learned about this from Tropico Station, the Glendale Blog via Facebook. 

The H&S Bicycles crew ran into regular customers from the Burbank shop about 11:15 a.m. near the corner of Chevy Chase and Sinclair Avenue, according to H&S Bicycles via email. They explained that ducks went inside the drain.

"Apparently, mama duck was leading the seven ducklings across the street, jumped up on the curb and the duckling being so small - landed in the drain. At least it was a soft fall - the drain was filled with leaves," according to H&S Bicycles. 

"We all initially tried to pry up the manhole cover and reach into the drain, but it was locked down - finally we found that the bar blocking the drain was loose - so we took that out and sent our skinniest riders into the drain head first," H&S Bicycles said. 

The bicyclists retrieved two of the ducks before Glendale Fire Department arrived and helped extract the remaining five fuzzballs. Pasadena Humane Society took possession of the ducks and said they were attempting to stay in the area to attract the mother. If she failed to return, the ducklings would then go back the wildlife specialists to be raised. 

"I suppose the important take away is that helping the helpless is what really matters. We owe a big thank you to GFD and the Pasadena Humane Society. [We] probably would not have heard the cheeps had it not been for our two customers walking home," H&S Bicycles said. 


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