Areas Burned in Station Fire to Reopen in Angeles National Forest

Some areas remain closed out of concern for public safety or because more work is needed on trails

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

Nearly all areas in the Angeles National Forest that were closed by the 2009 Station Fire will reopen in time for the Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Forest Service announced Thursday.

About 46,000 acres of the forest will reopen on Saturday, officials said.

"We have worked very hard to get these areas reforested since the destruction of the Station Fire," Forest Supervisor Tom Contreras said. "Now people can enjoy them just like they do the rest of the forest."

The Station Fire killed two firefighters and burned about 161,000 acres, officials said.

Some areas remain closed out of concern for public safety or because more work is needed on trails, according to the Forest Service.

The closed areas include Lower Gabrielino Trail, Barley Flats Trail, Colby Trail, Ken Burton Trail, Millard Water Fall User Trail, Santa Clara Divide Road, Messenger Flats Campground, Lighting Point Campground and Big Buck Campground.

—City News Service

Brian May 24, 2014 at 02:25 PM
Well it is time for an update of who, if anyone at USFS, has ever been held accountable for the Station Fire and the gross negligence and incompetence of allowing a small fire erupting near a forestry station in 105 degree heat in August 2009 to develop into a 130,000 acre disaster destroying a large fraction of our Angeles National Forest. Many should be in prison for this gross incompetence. Not only that, the local fire agencies in the area who sat on their tails and waited until they were finally called in by a defeated USFS / USDA. I'm referring to the LA City Fire Department for one and the LA County Fire department and their aerial water drops - On a few of those mornings in August, water drops didn't begin until 10AM. The USFS essentially abandoned the Big Tujunga Canyon area without any effort made to fight the fire. What are these Forest Service people on the payroll for besides a retirement package and benefits? They are a collection of incompetent slugs!


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